Anticipated Road Closure Timings – Sunday 5th November

*Please be aware that the below roads will be closed and reopened on a rolling basis following our last runner. Therefore if our last runner passes earlier than anticipated the road will be opened as soon as it is safe to do so and may be sooner than the times below.

You can see the full course map HERE.

08:00am – Road closures in place with Traffic Management marshals and signage out.

08:30am – Course marshals will be in place

09:00am – Half Marathon race begins

09:25am – The leaders turn right from Hitchin lane onto London Road (B656) towards Langley 

09:25am –  Last Half Marathon runners cross the start line 

09:30am –  10KM race begins 

09:38am – Lead 10km runners turn left onto the London Road (B656) towards Codicote

09:45am – Last runners in the 10KM begin the race

09:48am –  10km lead runners, having made a U- Turn on London Road (B656), turn onto Drivers End Lane towards, Knebworth House 

10:03am – Leaders of the 10KM finish the race

09:54am – Leaders turn Left onto London Road (B656) towards Drivers End

10:03am – Head of the race head towards Knebworth House on Old Knebworth Lane 

10:12am –  First runners finish the Half Marathon 

10:36am –  Back of the 10KM race, having made a U- Turn on London Road (B656), turn onto Drivers End Lane towards Knebworth House 

11:15am –  Final 10km runners finish the race

11:50am – Last Half Marathon runners turn off of London Road (B656) onto Drivers End Lane. 

12:05pm – Back of the Half Marathon head towards Knebworth House on Old Knebworth Lane 

12:25pm –  Final runners of the Half Marathon finish the race.

This race has a 3 hour cut off time for all runners so you can expect all roads to be clear of any traffic management marshals and diversions no later than 1pm. Should the emergency services need to use any roads impacted by the race this will not an issue and there are plans in place to give and allow safe access for emergency vehicles!

If you have any further questions please contact us on [email protected] and we would be happy to help 🙂